$199.00 CAD - $249.00 CAD

Transmitters are available as wired (plug required for power) or wireless (rechargeable battery-operated). You will need one transmitter per audio station you wish to run (3 stations of music require 3 transmitters).

The battery-operated wireless transmitters are a game-changer! They feature a radio signal range of about 500 meters without obstructions and can last over 10 hours on a full charge. This model features a 3.5mm input for audio, and a 3.5mm direct input for a microphone, as well as a volume adjustment and on-off button for the mic - prefect for your off-grid events! Your purchase includes a single transmitter, charger, 3.5mm audio cable (fits into a standard headphone jack), and a wired lapel mic.

The wired transmitters seem to have slightly better sound quality and signal range. As they are plug-in, you can have a never-ending audio signal running from this model. There is an RCA input for audio, and no additional inputs or adjustments. Your purchase includes the transmitter and power adapter.