What is Silent Disco?

Silent Disco, in the simplest sense, is a headphone dance party.  It is different from other audio entertainment services as it routes audio signal via radio waves to wireless LED-lit headsets.  LED colors indicate station selection, and there are anywhere from 1 to 3 different stations playing simultaneously.  Users can switch between stations and adjust volume on their own headsets.  Using silent disco headphones at any type of event will reduce the noise pollution of booming speakers, allow listeners to hear the audio signal over a long range (up to 500 meters with Dreamland's headphones), and give users a more comfortable listening experience.  Our equipment can also be used for lectures, karaoke, fitness classes, singles mixers, and more, and is ideal for any venue that might need a low-to-no volume alternative.  With our new battery-operated transmitters, we can even create a roaming, mobile experience for walking or biking tours, flash mobs, hikes, or other off-grid experiences.  

Tickets to Dreamland's public events can be found via our Events page.  We are also available for hire for your private event, or you can rent our equipment. Contact us at 617-657-4465, or send us an e-mail using the contact link below or at [email protected] if you have any questions or if you would like to inquire further about our services.